Mosquito Free Outdoor Event

Special Event Mosquito and Tick Control

You plan the party, we'll eliminate the mosquitoes and ticks!

Weddings, graduations, weekend camping trips and other outdoor events can be ruined by all of the biting insects. Let us help make your event more enjoyable and memorable by eliminating the mosquitoes, ticks and other biting insects. We will work with you to plan the ideal time for us to treat the event location. We will spray the entire area with our EPA-approved solution that will kill the mosquitoes and other pests on contact, and will also leave an invisible, odorless residue to kill the pests that enter the area long after we leave. Once the application is dry (normally 30-60 minutes), it is safe for people and pets to enjoy the area.

Making your special event mosquito-free is easy

  1. Call No Mosquitoes For You at 262-372-4973.
  2. We will inspect the event location and provide a free estimate.
  3. We'll be there the week before the event to eliminate the mosquitoes.

You've put a lot of time, effort and money into planning your event.
Don't let mosquitoes ruin it.

Our Mosquito Treatment also kills Ticks!

Protect your guests.  Scientists recognize more than a dozen tickborne diseases in the United States and new ones are still being discovered. One tick may carry more than one disease, so sometimes people get more than one co-infection from the bite of a single tick. 

Here is what you can expect from our service

With our mosquito treatment, most days you won’t see any mosquitoes in the treated area. Since our treatment typically lasts 6 weeks, if we treat your special event location a few days in advance, we can absolutely guarantee the effectiveness of that treatment. There are a couple times you may see mosquitoes:

  • If you get right near the boundary of where we treated, you may see some mosquitoes from the neighboring property. It is best if we can treat beyond the perimeter of the area you will actually be using.
  • On a windy day, mosquitoes can be blown into your location, and there is a chance some may land on you or your guests before they land on the treated areas. However, as soon as they land on an area we’ve treated, they will die. Typically you will see all mosquitoes gone 30-45 minutes after winds die down.

Request a free estimate here,
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