Residential and Commercial Mosquito and Tick Control
Season Long Protection Program

When you are signed up for our Season Long Protection Program we will schedule your treatments for every 6 weeks for the remainder of the season.  We start these treatments sometime in May, (starting time is dictated by the weather), and will keep you protected through September.  We appreciate your commitment to using our service for the entire season, and therefore add some extra benefits as listed below. 

Our maximum yearly cost guarantee

Only pay for 3 mosquito treatments, regardless of how many you need for the season.  During periods of abnormally heavy rainfall, it is possible that the effectiveness will diminish in less than 6 weeks.  We will schedule your treatments 6 weeks apart to start with. If we have above average rain, we will automatically shorten the time between treatments as needed, which may mean you will need more than 3 treatments to get through the season. If that happens, any treatments done after the first 3 will be done at no charge. Obviously the weather is something that we can not control, but we can control your costs by charging you for only 3 treatments, even if we need to do more than that.  This guarantees your maximum cost for the entire season, no matter how often we need to treat your yard.

No contracts, no long-term commitments

We do understand that you will only want to continue to use our service if you are completely satisfied.  Because we are so confident in the results you will experience, you don't need to sign any contract, and you can cancel at anytime. 

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