Outdoor Areas

Commercial Mosquito and Tick Control

Great for businesses that have outdoor seating areas or sporting events such as volleyball, softball, horseshoes, etc.

Our mosquito and tick control program uses an EPA-approved insecticide that our trained personnel will spray throughout the area you want to be mosquito-free. Once the application is dry, (normally 30-60 minutes), it is safe for people and pets. It will kill the mosquitoes that are present during the application, plus will leave an invisible, odorless residue that will kill any mosquitoes entering the area for up to 60 days.

With an area treated by No Mosquitoes For You, your customers
 can enjoy the great outdoors anytime, day or night!

Our Mosquito Treatment also kills Ticks!

Scientists recognize more than a dozen tickborne diseases in the United States and new ones are still being discovered. One tick may carry more than one disease, so sometimes people get more than one co-infection from the bite of a single tick. 

It also kills any mosquitoes and ticks that come into the treated area

Just killing the mosquitoes and ticks that are present at the time of the application is not good enough. As they come into the treated area, they will die as soon as they land on any of the treated areas. Under normal weather conditions, you will not even notice the neighbors' mosquitoes are entering the area.

Mosquitoes don't fly very far on their own; however, they can travel great distances with the wind.  Because of this, on a windy day you will have numerous mosquitoes blowing through the area.  Mosquitoes have a hard time landing in the wind, but once that wind dies down, the mosquitoes that are in the area will look for resting places.  Since our treatment has left a residue on those resting places, the mosquitoes will die once they land.  Within about 30-45 minutes of that wind dying down, the new mosquitoes will be gone.

Treatment will effectively eliminate mosquitoes and ticks for up to 60 days

The sun and the rain do affect that invisible residue over a period of time. Here in Wisconsin, under normal weather conditions, you can expect the results to last for about 6 weeks. Think about that, no more customers complaining about the mosquitoes... no more torches, candles, or coils to light... just pest-free outdoor fun for about 6 weeks with just one affordable treatment from No Mosquitoes For You. (During periods of abnormally heavy rain fall, it is possible that the effectiveness will diminish in less than 6 weeks.)  See our Guarantee.

Here is what you can expect from our service

Most days, you won't see any mosquitoes or ticks in the treated area. This should last for about 6 weeks. If we had no rain, it would last about 60 days, but we all know we don't go 60 days in Wisconsin with no rain. We have found with the average Wisconsin weather, 6 weeks is about normal. There are a couple of times that you will get some mosquitoes.

  • If you are spending time right next to the boundary of the treated area you may get some of the neighbors’ mosquitoes bothering you.

  • Also, on a windy day, those outside may get a couple of bites. Mosquitoes can be blown a long way with the wind, and once that wind dies down, they will look for a place to rest. Some of those mosquitoes will probably find people before they land on the areas we have treated, but this is temporary. Normally it will take 30-45 minutes after the wind has died down for all new mosquitoes to be eliminated.

Don't let mosquitoes, ticks and other pests ruin the little time
your customers have to enjoy your outdoor area. 

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