Friends Helping Friends Referral Program

No one has ever told us they like Mosquitoes, Box Elder Bugs, Asian Beetles or Japanese Beetles. In fact, most people tell us how much they hate them. Unfortunately, many people don't know there is an effective solution to eliminate these pests from their yard. Since we know there is no better advertisement than word of mouth, we have developed our Friends Helping Friends Referral Program. As the name suggests, we’ve ensured our program is a win-win for everyone involved.

1. You save money on your future treatments every time you refer a new customer to us.
2. Each friend you refer saves money on their first treatment.
3. We reach new customers who may have never heard of us.

Do your friends a favor by letting them know about our service. When we complete your treatment, we will leave you a page of our Friends Helping Friends coupons with your name and customer ID # on them for you to give to family, friends and neighbors. We will also include a copy of this coupon in our follow-up email, normally sent to you at the end of the week your treatment was performed.

By giving them one of these coupons, you will not only be helping them eliminate unwanted pests, they will also receive $10 off their first treatment. Plus, because we appreciate your referral, we’ll give you $10 off your next treatment for each new customer who turns in a coupon with your name on it.

The best part is there are no limits!  If your referrals exceed the total cost of your next treatment, remaining discounts will be applied to the following treatment.  (These discounts and the people they apply to will be clearly displayed on your invoices.)

If you need more coupons, give us a call at 262-372-4973 or email us at

Sample Coupon

Friends Helping Friends