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Thank you for coming out today. I just wanted to say you guys are great. I will be using you next year for sure and tell people about your services. Being a business owner myself, I am impressed with your communication and level of service.
Thank you!
Chris V (Caledonia)



I am writing this to let you know about the 2 gentlemen that were assigned the treatments of my property. They were absolutely fantastic! I had a couple of concerns of potential bee habitations (there were none). The guys were very knowledgeable. They were very thorough and polite as well. I know when you own your own business you have to trust the people that are working for you. I can assure you, they are doing a great job. I have a new neighbor across the street. I believe you may also be getting another customer.
Dan Z (Wales)



I just wanted to report back that Saturday nite we had a outdoor fire with 10 people for about 4 hours with only one reported mosquito (and promptly terminated). You made a believer out of several that nite. Well done!
Ross B (Germantown)


Highly Recommended for Mosquito/Tick/Wasp/Box Elder problems
Thank you Erik ~ your crew, products and customer service do an amazing job!!
The difference between your mosquito/tick application and what we received from another company last year is truly shocking. Your crew was thorough and sprayed our yard & trees – they fogged our tree line and called it a day.
Taylors (Mukwonago)


Erik, you are truly the BEST. I haven’t had a bite in my own yard all year!
Susan W (Oconomowoc)


Thanks Erik. We had friends over this weekend and they were amazed at how nice our yard was without mosquitoes even with all the rain. So thank you!!
Kristin E (Sussex)


We just had our yard sprayed and wanted to give you positive feedback on one of your employees. I met Joe before he started service. Very nice, respectful young man. As I was working I was watching the work he does and it was very meticulous and well done! Had a conversation with him afterwards and was very impressed by his respect for us as a client and also for your company. I know today it is very hard to find good employees and please know that Joe is a model of a great employee and deserves accolades.

Kindest regards,
Chris and Deeatra K (West Bend)


I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your updates and attention to detail with regards to your business. It’s not often I see a company that is so invested in high service standards.

Thank you,
Jeanne M (Oconomowoc)


Thank you, it worked. No more Japanese Beatles. We will see you in 5 weeks.
Just wanted to say, the guy you sent here to do application , was very nice, respectful, and knew what he was doing. Unfortunately we don't always find that with businesses we use. So thank you for hiring great employees. I will always use your services.

Chris P (Merton)


Joe and I sold our home in New Berlin. Joe retired in June and we are now living in Florida. Thank you for all your good work through the years. Wish we had you here in Florida!

Have a great, successful year!
Claudia V


The guys that came were very professional and quick.  They did a great job.  Until they came I could hardly take the dogs out, but now not a single mosquito is there to bother me.  

Brett B (Waukesha)


I have been calling for service from some "Mosquito" vendors. They didn't call me back, didn't stop by to give me a price like they said they would and after I left a message on BBB stating customer service was horrible I then received a flyer on my door stating "it would be really difficult to give me coverage"

No price information ever given.

Then one day I see a truck driving into my neighborhood and I send my husband running. That's when we meet Erik, he quotes a price, explains everything, we shake hands and exchange a payment for immediate service.

Thank you! Not only were you the first stand up man I talked to in this field but you also didn't attempt to rip me off, blow me off or dismiss me because I'm a female.

I will be back each year & I will tell my friends and neighbors.

Thank you!
Jodie (Delafield,WI)


Thanks Erik!  Our yard is now fabulous, thanks to you.
Laura & Jay W
Fox Point


Thank you Erik - I am so thrilled with your service!  I have not seen one box elder bug or mosquito this year. 
Thank you again,
Jill S
New Berlin


I have to tell you Erik, I am rarely Wowed by a service these days but that's not the case with you. I have personally battled huge infestations of Box Elder bugs on the South side of our house that has often left us unable to enjoy our back yard for more than 6 years. Your treatment not only immediately knocked down the bugs that were on my house at the time of the treatment but I simply haven’t seen more than a couple since that day.
Awesome job!
Thank you,
Jay G


This really works outstanding!  Living on a lake and next to a marsh area it works,
we don't need to spray OFF anymore.  Give Eric a call you'll love it.

Mark L


You sprayed for box elders last spring and fall for us.  Results were terrific.  In fact, the fall treatment did such a great job, not only did we not have any inside all winter, but we don't need the spring treatment this year.  We will however see you in the fall.
Jim & Betty S.


No Mosquitoes 4 U - your name hits the nail on the head.  We really enjoyed our yard last year thanks to you.
Alice Z.


I never thought we would be rid of the box elder bugs and lady bugs.  I bought tons of products at the store that were suppose to get rid of them, but they were always back a few days later.  You sprayed my house 1 time, and they were gone, period!  We didn't see any in the house all winter, or on the outside of the house this spring.  I was at a friends the other day, and their house had hundreds of them on the siding.  I gave them one of your coupons, and they will be calling you.  Thank You!
Sue G.


Wow!!!!  I didn't think that ALL of the mosquitoes would be gone.  It's been 5 weeks since you sprayed our yard, and I've only had one mosquito bite.  Thank you!
Jim S.


Amazing!! The mosquitoes were So bad last Summer, you could not be outside for more than 5 minutes.  After No Mosquitoes For You sprayed my yard, we were able to sit out on the patio for hours, mosquito FREE!  Great people to deal with.
Dave S.


Thanks for a great job.  We sprayed the yard with the stuff you hook up to the hose, which helped, but didn't do anything compared to what you did.  I can't remember a time during the summer where we could sit on our deck after dark and not have to even think about mosquitoes.  You guys are great!
Jamie B.


No Mosquitoes For You came and sprayed for our Car Show last August and we were very impressed with the lack of mosquitoes at our event.  They were very prompt and professional and we will definitely be calling them to help us again next year.
Rick V.
Co-Chairman of Sussex Lions Piston & Rod Show


Thanks to No Mosquitoes For You for saving my family.  Prior to you spraying for mosquitoes we couldn't be outside for any length of time before getting eaten alive. Afterwards the wasps and mosquitoes were pretty much eliminated. Thanks for the brochure recommending this spray and your follow up.
Mark P